Come out to Black Tiger Airsoft Field to celebrate your birthday! Right now, the field is open EVERY 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

Things to Know:

FOOD VENDOR: You can bring your own food, or we have a food package deal available that includes a half of a pizza and a drink for $5.

Extra Drinks $1.00 each

Gatorade $2.00 each

Bill – (301) 741-1795

You can bring your own folding tables and canopies to set up (bring as many as you’d like like!)

Only the Airsoft game participants pay $15 per person to play…..parents, friends and family that are not playing airsoft never pay.

Parents ARE allowed to enter the field to take videos of the games or take pictures provided they fill out a waiver, wear a bright colored shirt and a FULL face mask (rental masks are available from the registration booth for $10 for the day).

RENTAL GUNS: For those children in the party who don’t have an airsoft gun, rentals are available (click on Rental Gun tab for more info). ALL RENTALS are handled at Black Tiger Airsoft Field by Black Tiger Airsoft. It is highly recommended to call at least 1 week ahead of time to reserve rentals.

BONUS for the Birthday Child: One thing I like to do is let the birthday party help pick out one of the scenarios for the day. This is where the kids get to play a specific kind of game that they like. They give me the idea and I make a game out of it.

Everyone plays together out on the field. We always keep the Birthday Group together on the same team if that is what they would like. We do not do birthday parties on other days right now besides event days. We have been getting 150 people or more at each game……..we’ve found that it is much more fun to play airsoft when there are more people to shoot at!

Call Black Tiger Airsoft (301) 741-1795 if you have ANY questions!