Black Tiger Rents both guns and safety equipment

Rental Package includes:
1 High End metal gearbox Airsoft Automatic Electric Rifle
1 fully charged upgraded Intellect battery pack (2000 NiMah)
1 Mid or High Cap magazine for the gun (up to 330 round capacity)
1 Deluxe Airsoft Face Mask
1Kg (Up to 5000 rounds) of Competition Grade Ammo
1 Admission into the game

Airsoft Gun Rental w/mask $30
1Kg of ammo $15 (Could be enough for 2-3 people)
Admission to game $15
Total Package Cost $60
*Renter is required to leave a valid drivers license OR leave a deposit in cash for the total retail amount of all equipment rented. ($275 value of gun, battery and mask).

-Note: We just got in NEW and better deluxe face masks, guaranteed not to fog. These new masks also have better peripheral vision and full head coverage!

-These rental guns are ALL high end airsoft rifles. Only the best competition grade ammo is to be used during gameplay. In the past, we used to just rent the gun for $30, then you buy ammo for $20, then pay admission for $15. NOW IT IS EASIER! Do everything at the Black Tiger Airsoft Registration station. Get your mask, gun, registration wristband and ammo at the same time.

-Cheap ammo, or the wrong ammo, is prohibited from being used in rental guns from now on. Too many people are using Walmart ammo or the wrong weight ammo in the guns which cause them to jam. We are NOW including a pack of up to 5000 rounds of Competition Grade ammo with each rental package to help solve that problem and make your rental experience a good one.

-Mesh no-fog masks can be rented separately for $10

-Gun Rental Reservations: Call Black Tiger Airsoft at (301) 741-1795 to reserve guns and equipment for the games. Try to reserve your gun 1 week in advance. Quantities are limited and rentals are on a first come first served basis.